How to get traffic to your site using blogger

I have written a number of articles and made some videos on the theme “how to get traffic to your web site”.  

Some people rely on SEO and posting to sites such as Facebook and twitter.

If we take the subject of SEO, it takes a lot of work and skill to get onto the front pages of the search engines. For most people, this is a step too far so we need to look at other ways of driving traffic.

It is well worth posting to Facebook and twitter but there are other sites that we should consider.

One of these is Blogger, which is owned by google.

There are various debates about Blogger v WordPress.

Personally I don’t see it as an either/or as I use both.

If you have taken the time to write an article and possibly make a video the easy bit is to post to a number of different sites.

It doesn’t take much time to post manually to Blogger but if you want to make life easier,there are various bits of software as well as WordPress plugins that will let you post automatically to Blogger.

The benefits of using Blogger are as follows :

1 It is easy to use,but if you need to know how to do something a simple search on Google or YouTube will provide you with the necessary information.

2 It is free

This is a huge benefit if you are on a budget.

3 Free hosting from Google

As well as free hosting, you get 99.999% uptime.

Also, your site will not suffer degradation of performance.

4 Posts can be posted to Google +

As Blogger and Google + are both owned by Google you may have an advantage when trying to rank in the search engines.

5 You show up in the search engines faster

Blogger sites are added to the Google search engine within 24 hours,which gives you a huge advantage over other sites.


In conclusion, Blogger is well worth using.

I have used both Blogger and WordPress and I like both. However, at times WordPress can be more difficult to use than Blogger.

If you post to Blogger and Google + and make a video and post to YouTube, you may have an unfair advantage in the search engines as all of these are owned by Google.

I have made a short video as an introduction to Blogger.


3 thoughts on “How to get traffic to your site using blogger

  1. ParkerTownsend March 29, 2018 / 10:07 pm

    Been looking into blogger myself. I drive traffic through comments, joining related sites and posting articles… Allowing authors to post on my site, etc… Google+ is powerful for ranking high on Google in no time… I’ll give blogger chance when I feel up to designing the site and posting.

    Thanks, for the walkthrough video too.


    • johnhayesonline March 31, 2018 / 4:53 am

      Hi Parker
      Thanks for the reply. Personally I don’t worry too much about the design of blogger at this stage.
      It’s just a matter of posting to another Google site.
      Posting can be very easy.
      I have just posted another article about posting YouTube videos to social media sites and it is very easy to post your YouTube
      videos to blogger.


      • ParkerTownsend April 1, 2018 / 3:18 am

        No worries, Glad to connect with you…
        I’ll check it out, John.


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